Monthly Archives: November 2011




by Deborah Riley-Magnus

Well, I suppose you can all imagine why I didn’t post for the past few weeks. Yes … LIFE. It takes over, it drives you to strange emotional and high pressure places and it manages to help you forget all the good things you plan for yourself. These aren’t excuses but let me count down the lowdown. Over the past 14 days …

The misery in my heel continues, but not so bad that I can’t get around. Power walking is still out of the realm of possibilities.

My second book was released. It’s a non-fiction and geared toward an entirely different audience than my urban fantasy, so I’ve been focused on driving the marketing and promotional bus in this new direction.

We had some surprise snow here in Pennsylvania, which spurred a frantic need to take inventory of all the things we now need that we didn’t need in Los Angeles. That’s my house on October 28, 2011! SNOW! Yes, a culinary bowl scraper works to get ice off the windshield in a pinch, but real winter is coming soon and a few industrial strength items (snow brushes, ice scrapper, snow shovel and … dare I dream … a snow blower) would be helpful and less stressful too.

I got older … yes, I aged … had a birthday (number never to be revealed!) and what comes with a birthday? A birthday dinner and birthday cake, of course. Yes, I had both the dinner and the cake, but not so much I gained weight, thanks heavens!

I did a charity event for my mom’s church.  You know how those things go – run a hundred errands, carry bags and boxes and more bags and boxes and oh yes, there are a few more bags and boxes … then drag them all back home afterwards. (Hey, maybe that’s why I didn’t gain any weight?!?)

Today my life has settled back into some semblance of normal. I’m able to do my work here at the computer – it’s the thing that makes me feel the youngest, LOL – I have another fiction to finish, due at the publisher by the end of December. I have house guests from the west coast for Thanksgiving. I have ongoing promotion and marketing to do for the books already out and oh, this house sooo needs a good cleaning. Even with all this, I feel less stressed than I have for the past two weeks, so I’m thinking maybe today I try to start doing some serious walking again.

I’ll do a few blocks and if the pain isn’t bad, maybe a few more. I’ve walked all over Gettysburg, shopped all over town and stood on my feet for hours at a church charity … granted I was miserable those evenings but not in serious pain at all.

Yup, today’s the day I start walking again! YAY!

And while I’m at it, I’ll start being careful with my food lists and water intake. Maybe I can get this weight loss ball rolling again.

On the bright side, whatever foundation we set in the beginning of all this has made drastic improvements, after all, there was a time when two weeks of not paying attention to a diet meant a complete regain of whatever I’d lost. Lifestyle Change is a GOOD THING!

See you all next week!