Second Week Blues


by Natalie Preston

Monday was the dreaded weigh-in. I pulled out the scale and stepped on, anxious but hopeful that the number would have changed in the right direction.

It didn’t.

I’d gained a pound and a half. Deep breath. Sigh. Lots of “where did I go wrong” thoughts. Lots of analyzing the past week in minute detail. But what’s different this time from all the times before is that I didn’t beat myself up for gaining weight and I didn’t give up. I’m still here, dammit!

So … after all that over-analyzing, what were my successes last week? What were my failures? Well, they’re kinda jumbled up together. Basically, I ate all my meals and snacks consciously (success!), but I didn’t write everything down and relied on my memory of what I ate and when (failure). I walked three times last week, once even on sore foot (success!), but I let the rain keep me from my fourth workout (failure). So, it seems that I need to work on follow-through. To keep everything going, food diary and exercise, through to the end of the week. So far, I’ve been much better this week on follow-through … keeping my promises made to myself and to others. Keeping my food diary up to date. And, doing my exercise without excuses.

But … I am very proud of one success in particular. Deb and I had a busy week last week; we had a lunch date with her mom, did our bi-weekly shopping, and we saw a Jackson Browne concert. (It was wonderful, by the way!) So, we ended up eating out four times last week. My success? I made good choices instead of bad ones while eating out. For instance, when we were at the Mexican restaurant, I had just enough chips (total: 6) to enjoy the salsa they served. In the past, I would have eaten the whole basket then asked for more, all before the entrée was served! I also chose healthier entrees rather than the bacon cheeseburger or the pasta in heavy cream/cheese sauce. It’s all baby steps, and I’m finally learning to walk!

The outcome? Overall, even though I gained a bit of weight, I’m proud of last week and my accomplishments. And I’m doing even better this week.

Speaking about eating out … I’d like to give a shout out to Panera Bread. In the past, I rarely made it past their pastry display, but lately, I’ve discovered their “Café” menu. There’s a Panera near the park where Deb and I walk and we’ve had lunch there a couple of times since we began this lifestyle change. Once we got past the cinnamon rolls and cheese soufflés, we discovered a whole new side of Panera … sandwiches, salads and soups that fit within our diet plan. Not only that, but the calorie count of each item is listed right on the menu board, so it’s easy to order item(s) that fit in my food budget. For example, my lunch today was a tomato-mozzarella Panini, one half (385 cal.), a cup of lemon-chicken-orzo soup (130 cal), and an apple (80 cal). The total was 595 calories, a tad on the high side, but not bad for restaurant lunch.

Okay … back to our regularly scheduled blogging …

My goals this week:

1. Write everything down! It’s important!

2. Drink all my water (six 12-oz glasses a day)

3. Exercise four times this week. (As of today, I’ve walked three times.)

That’s all for this week! See you next time!


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  1. Hi, I can relate to your situation because I used to be very overweight. I have treated it mainly through diet these past couple of years, but this year I have lost a lot. I’m going to write some things about my personal story in a couple of days.

    But first, I have a free ebook that I am giving away at my blog. The post is at:

    The free ebook is on yesterday’s post, and on today’s post there is a link to a special weight loss giveaway event where you can get lots of free material to help you in your quest. And, as I said, in the next few days I’m going to be posting my personal story. While my approach might not be for everyone, it might give you some ideas and the free ebook will give you a lot more.
    Good luck!


  2. Hi Mark, Thanks for the comment and I’ll check out your blog right away. I look forward to reading about your story. Maybe you might have some insights into my situation. And congratulations on your weight loss!


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